"The right amounts of effort, sacrifice and dedication, will always end in rewarding results" says drummer and co-producer Manuel Borrego.


And it certainly was after a long and sacrificed preparation of nearly 5 years in terms of production, music, audio and acoustics, that the Venezuelan modern metal quartet Dread Nation finally feels they have something to show to the fans of this worldwide consumption genre. The band formed by David Gonzalez (guitar), Manuel Borrego (drums), Julio Porras (bass) and David "Dave Kaze" Sanchez (vocals), brings to light in the second half of 2014, their first 3 songs in EP format with interactive content, based on the impressions of the band and crew about details and adventures that marked the process of creating their latest release.


The sonic flavor of the band has a solid foundation in the 90’s groove metal, progressive metal and fusion music, letting in strong influences from many other diametrically opposed genres, including other forms of art, which amalgamated, directly affect the richness of the lyrics, structures and sensorial images reflected in every note to recreate the stories, feelings and situations in each track.


Currently, these Bolivar State-based musicians are planning their first national tour, which will visit major cities on their home country and also are in conversations with a handful of international record labels for the release of their forthcoming full-length album.


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